Process Analysis and Re-engineering

An ERP system constitutes a small percentage of an overall business process. A common error is to implement existing process in a new system, so if you have an existing implementation you may find it’s not living up to your expectations. If you are considering a new system, you may be wondering where you can find value to justify making a change.

Process analysis and re-engineering is the first step to finding value. Selecting processes that you expect to have a greater value through improvement should be considered prior to implementing new software. Processes related to processing orders, purchasing and manufacturing are typically high value areas to focus on. In organizations with multiple company structures the Finance area can also yield valuable change with improved consolidations and reporting.

CD Group has experience working with single location facilities and global enterprises working with different processes, currencies, and languages to help re-engineer process to meet business objectives. We can work with you to understand how process analysis and re-engineering can bring value to your business.

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