Equip IQ Product Features

Equip IQ is comprised of five modules designed for equipment sales, special use equipment sales, equipment rentals, equipment service, and parts counter sales.

Equipment Sales Solution
The Heavy Equipment Sales module provides a sales team all the support tools they need to sell your new and used equipment to customers. From one integrated solution, the sales team can find equipment, bring in and value customer trade-ins, prepare key documents, excecute final sales, and settle equipment with the manufacturer.

Special Use Equipment Sales Solution
Some equipment dealers (such as special use truck or engine dealers) take beginning pieces of equipment and then substantially modify them for specific use for their customers. The structure of the Special Use Equipment Sales allows certain users to take advantage of the Special Use features while others use normal Equipment Sales within the same location, both still adhering to a common sales and revenue recognition process.

Equipment Rental Solution
The Equipment Rental module provides a business the tools to manage and track rental sales of dedicated fleet as well as no-fleet rentals, all within the same system. 

Equipment Service Solution
The Equipment Service module provides a business the tools it needs in order to offer world-class customer service and repair - whether it is for routine maintenance, warranty work, or general repair service done in the shop or field. By leveraging JD Edwards Mobile capabilities, all standard features and more are available via remote tablets.

Parts Counter Sales Solution
The Parts Counter Sales module give the parts department access to a powerful solution to help find the right part for the right equipment, quickly and easily. Through a simple yet robust interface, it is easy to determine if a part is in stock, on order, or at a different location so that orders can be filled quickly and efficiently.

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