Business Consulting Services

Our Business Consulting services are designed to assist customers in determining what changes they need to make in order to achieve the direction and priorities they have established. We work to identify areas where change is possible through systematic improvements in business operations. Our Business Consulting services are designed to be software platform independent. They can be tailored specifically to JD Edwards ERP and Oracle Business Intelligence products if desired.

In the area of ERP projects, our Business Consulting Services assist customers in defining their desired outcomes in pure business terms. Examples of typical desired outcomes include:

  • Reduced manufacturing lead times
  • Increased order fill rates with no increase in inventory investment
  • Reduced Order-To-Cash cycle times
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Quality
  • Increase the speed and value performance of the supply chain
  • Grow profitable sales by increasing product cross-selling, improving price management, and eliminating unprofitable sales

These business outcomes then become the foundation points for the ERP project. Since an ERP system like all technology products is only an enabler, the likelihood of having a successful ERP project is greatly enhanced when there is a clear understanding of what is to be accomplished before the project starts.

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